Video Contest Rules & Regulations

1. Submit a video of you, a friend or family member with a fish (or two) caught using a Double Shot Hook. Please include a brief description of the species of fish, where it was caught and other details of interest.

2. To submit a video, go to our Contact us page and choose “Video Contest Entries” under Contact Reason. Leave a description, time and place of your video in the Message section.

3. After videos are submitted, they are the property of Off The Hook, LLC to use on their website or social media page.

4. After videos have been verified, a member of our team will contact the winner. Videos showing one legal limit size fish will win $100. Videos showing the catch of two legal limit size fish at the same time will win $200. All videos must clearly show the fish being reeled in along with a clear image of the Double Shot Hook in the fish’s mouth.

5. Off The Hook, LLC is not responsible for any videos that have upload problems or do not reach our inbox.

6. All decisions on winning videos are determined by Off The Hook, LLC and are final.

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