Trout Fishing

Good Ole’ Lake Trout Fishing

Lake trout live in freshwater and are another popular game fish. Lake trout prefer to live in large lakes that are deep with cold water. The fall season is generally when they spawn but this can be affected by the location of the lake and weather patterns. Juvenile trout are a bit more reclusive and usually locate to deep water where they feed on small aquatic prey and plankton.

It is very east to distinguish lake trout form other trout by observing their color variation, which consist of yellowish to white spots on their dark green to greyish body. Like all other trout, they have an elongated stout and their bellies are white with, at times, an orange-reddish color pair of fins.

Depth Is Important

When fishing for lake trout, the depth at witch you’re fishing at is very important. You truly need to go deeper as the warmer seasons approach because they tend to like cold water. The summer is difficult to determine because they like to stay in the thermal layers that remain at 53 degrees F or shallow areas where cold water is being pumped into the lake by a natural spring.

Although they are not schooling fish, generally lake trout tend to stay in the same area. If you catch a lake trout in a specific area then it is very likely that there will be more nearby. You will most likely catch another one if you remain in the area where you previously caught a lake trout.

Best Live Bait Option For Catching Lake Trout

For lake trout, nothing beats a good old fashioned night crawler when comes to choosing a live bait. Other alternatives, which are also very effective, include medium to large size minnows and salmon eggs. A minnow or night crawler combined with a spinner can be a deadly combo and be used to catch a lot of trout. Any time that you’re fishing with live worms as bait, the Easy Bait Hooks are some of the best fishing hooks for live worms.


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