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Why are the Easy Bait Hooks the best fishing hooks for live worms?

In 2005, Forbes ranked the humble fishing hook 19th out of the 20 most important tools of all time in terms of its impact on the human civilization.

Fish are familiar with live worms as a food source because they often burrow up through lake and river beds, which makes them an excellent source of live bait for catching fish! If you are fishing with worms, then you must use them the most effective way possible, being that they are the preferred bait for fish.

One of the most important aspects of fishing with live worms is being able to offer the live bait to fish with as much of a natural look as possible. There are no other fish hooks, bait rigs or fishing lures that can present fishing bait such as worms in the manor in which the new “Off The Hook” can. It is the fish hook with a twist!

The design is very simple but effective! Instead of a traditional fish hook with a long straight shaft, the design for this hook has a series of tightly wound spirals of coils that allow the user to wrap the fishing bait or live worm if you will, around the length of the shaft. A hinged swing arm with two pins snaps into place to help hold the live worm in place.

The “Off The Hook” fish hook was originally designed for people who are queasy about baiting a worm on a fishing hook. However, due to the nature of the design, the “Off The Hook” fish hooks has yielded many other benefits as well.

The Easy Bait Hooks allow users to bait a live worm on a fish hook without getting worm guts or juice all over their hands and clothing. They keep the live bait or worms parallel to the shaft of the fishing hook, which makes it easier for fish to swallow. The “Off The Hook” fish hook allows the live bait or worms to wiggle in a natural motion in the water thus attracting more fish and the coils on the shaft act as a protective cage for the live bait or worms which prevent smaller pesky fish from stealing all of the live bait.

The Easy Bait Hooks, also allows the fishing bait to remain alive for a longer period of time compared to using a traditional fish hook where the worm has to be pierced by the hook repeatedly just to keep the live worm or bait on the hook. Since the live bait or worm actually stays alive longer, you use less live bait in the process which saves you valuable time, time you could be fishing, and money.

The Easy Bait Hook is perfect for Red Worms, Small Night Crawlers or Earthworms, Red Wigglers or any long skinny worm of your choice!

How to Use Easy Bait Steel Fish Hooks

Welcome to the newest, most important piece of equipment in your tackle box! Off The Hook’s new High Carbon Steel, Tin Plated “Easy Bait Hook”!

Our new hooks feature Flex Shaft technology, tempered carbon steel, super sharp points and Tin plating for superior corrosion resistance, even in salt-water applications.

These hooks are built to last! Tin plating offers excellent corrosion resistance, even in salt-water.

How to use Easy Bait Polycarbonate Fish Hooks

Our Easy Bait Polycarbonate Fish Hooks are made from a high tensile strength polycarbonate material. Our fish hooks will never rust or cause tetanus. These hooks can also be rigged as a weed-less fishing hook as well. Once the live bait or worm is wrapped around the coils of the shaft and the locking swing arm is snapped into place, you just simply pierce the end of the live worm onto the tip of the barbed fish hook.

The Easy Bait Polycarbonate Fish Hooks are available in a wide range of color options. Red to represent the color of bleeding live bait, blue to blend in with the bluest of waters, our clear hooks are made to camouflage the hook and present the worm to the fish as if it were just floating in the water, and our bright yellow, bright green and bright oranges fishing hooks are made to stand out in murky water.

Do yourself a favor and try an “Easy Bait Fishing Hook” the next time you go fishing with live bait! Happy Fishing!

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