Double Shot Steel Hooks

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Double Shot Steel Hooks


A better mouse trap??? No……… but it is a better fish hook!

It’s the “Double Shot” hook by Off The Hook! We have literally just doubled your odds of catching more fish. The “Double Shot” is designed to use one large night crawler. Just wrap one half of the worm around one of the spiraled shafts and then wrap the other half of the worm around the other spiraled shaft. Peirce each end of the worm onto the barbed end of the hook and you are ready to catch more fish. You just might even get lucky and catch two at the same time!!!

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Double your chances, double your fun!

Our new double hooks feature Flex Shaft technology, tempered carbon steel, super sharp points and Tin plating for superior corrosion resistance, even in salt-water applications.

Why carbon steel? Carbon steel hooks are considered to be a better choice versus stainless steel for the safety of the fish. If a line breaks and the hook is set in a fish, the carbon steel has a better chance of rusting out over time and being discarded by the fish.
Carbon steel hooks go through heat treating/tempering process to make them stronger. The tempering molecularly alters the metal, concentrating the carbon and removes impurities. The hooks are then carefully cooled and intermittently dipped in oil. Once cooled, the carbon steel hook is ready to be Tin-plated.

These hooks are built to last! Tin plating offers excellent corrosion resistance, even in salt-water.
Currently, we are offering the “Double Shot” for sale as a prototype only. If the response is successful, then we will pursue manufacturing the hook out of one solid piece of steel wire.

The prototypes are currently hand made using two of our original Tin coated steel hooks and soldering them together with a swivel pre-attached. We use solder containing 98% Tin and 2% Silver. This provides a durable bond that is safe for the environment and corrosion resistant as well.

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