What kind of panfish are we cooking tonight?

Now that you’ve spent hours on the lake with fishing pole in hand, what’s more satisfying than biting down on your catch at the dinner table. Once the cleaning and filleting is done, it’s time to hear the sound of fresh fish sizzling in the frying pan. As you anticipate the first bite, you mouth waters as the aroma from the stove floats through the kitchen.

Freshwater fish that are small enough to fit in a skillet are generally known as panfish and are usually caught in freshwater sources. Average size panfish are very popular catches since they are such tasty meals, although some times it may seem like bigger is better in the fishing world. People, who fish with rods and reels, hook more panfish than any other type of fish due to their vast quantities in the water.

Which Species Are Considered Panfish

Most times, when you hear people talking about panfish, they are referring to hand-sized fish within the sunfish family. Those included bream, bluegills, crappie and perch and you can catch these species year-round. Black and White Crappie rank near the top with panfish because they are easy to catch, taste good and live in a wide variety of waters.

Where To Find Panfish

Panfish can be found in almost every freshwater habitat, often swimming along streams, lakes and ponds. Aside from being a tasty dinner for thousand of fisherman and families, panfish are also a food source for predatory fish such as largemouth Bass. The largemouth that feed on panfish prevent streams and lakes from being overrun with bluegills and others.

Types Of Bait Panfish Feed On

Panfish are some the easiest fish to snag because of their greedy feeding behavior, so the smaller size doesn’t come without the appetite. They usually do not grow more than 10 inches long or weigh more than a couple pounds and feed daily on insects, minnows, and of course fishing worms. Yep, no need to grab fancy lures because these hungry fish will gobble down the simple bugs and worms baited on your hook. Grasshoppers, crickets, small leeches, grass shrimps, red worms, earthworms, waxworms and even clam meat. If you’re fishing with live fishing worms, be sure to use the New Easy Bait Hook also known as the Off The Hook “The fish hook with a twist”. These are the best fishing hooks for live worms.

So How About Some Perch Jerking

Whether you’re catching brightly colored sun perch or crappie, perch jerking is fun for everyone and we know what an excellent dish these fish make. Fresh delicate fillets dipped in corn meal and dropped into a hot skillet make such a tasty meal. The best place to go perch jerking is in the shallows with simple tackle and the lighter the rod the better. Some perch will put up quite a fight but others can easily be lifted from the water. Perch will steal your bait from time-to-time and jump off the hook at the last minute but it’s all part of the fun.

Is it supper time yet?

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