Bass Fishing

Smallmouths may not weigh as much or grow as big as largemouth bass, but they both definitely provide that pure adrenaline rush when you’re fishing. For some anglers, largemouth bass are their favorite species of game fish for target.

The holy grail of bass fishing is during the pre-spawn, which starts in spring around the time when the water temperature gets to be between 55 to 65 degrees. At this time, both female and male bass move into the shallow areas and begin aggressively feeding while searching for the best place to nest. During this particular period, a fisherman can locate and catch bass with ease right from the shore. Always remember to catch and release female bass so they can complete their spawn and continue the cycle of life and replenish the fishing waters.

The early morning hours and the last few hours going into the evening are considered the best time to fish for bass. Be at your favorite fishing hole, at least, an hour before sunup or an hour before sunset!


Bass Habits

Big smallmouth bass are lazier than the smaller ones and like to stay where the meal comes easy. They hang out in spots where the current will push food in their direction such as creek mouths, or narrow parts of the lake where food gets filtered through then picked up by the water current.

Wind triggers feeding. Bass will feed more where the wind is blowing for the same reason that bass congregate in areas where the water is moving. Yes, wind gets the whole food chain going, from plankton to baitfish to predators. If you’re after the big predators it’s important to be fishing in a spot where they are feeding. Storm fronts are another great time to catch big fish, including both smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Different Types Of Bass Fishing Lures

The main purpose of any type of fishing lure is to attract fish, but some fisherman choose a certain kind of fishing lure based on past experience, personal preference or at the suggestion of someone else.

Top water bass fishing lures include those designed to look like fish or other aquatic life moving at or near the surface. These are some of the most exciting in the minds of many anglers.

Many also consider the easiest bass fishing lures to be soft baits and plastic worms. Traditional type lures are meant to be fished slowly, near or on a lake or river bottom. Fishing on the edge of vegetation and near sandy areas is usually where they work best.

Crank baits and spinner lures are considered suspended lures and these types of fishing lures are often used in the middle of the day when bass retreat to cooler waters. Although each situation is different, suspended lures are frequently retrieved faster than other types of lures.

Change Up & Try Some Live Bait

Fishing with live bait is a great way to catch some nice bass when fishing lures are not producing, although some anglers may not like to use live bait. Crayfish, frogs, and especially live worms are excellent alternatives to artificial bait.

Some fishing hooks designed for live worms, include the Texas Rig, Gang Hooks and the Easy Bait Hook. The Easy Bait Hook can be used for night crawlers, red wigglers or earthworms. Add a slip bobber so you can adjust the depth of your bait without having to sacrifice casting ability.

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